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take it easy.

... maybe finished drawings some photos, and other bits.

someone asked me to draw a video game protag but lets be real this is pretty much just miishkaa.

TRACK: Absentee
ARTIST: Jack Campbell


Welcome to Night Vale 37: Auction

Jack Campbell - Absentee

Get it here: http://jackcampbell.bandcamp.com/

really amazing space youth brigade pin and button i got at the ocadu zine fair. made by http://joijoijiojijioijoijoijojojj.tumblr.com/
I dont know where to put her so for now she is chilling on my vest.
I put the kind cadet button on my bag c:

oslo spektrum….more like how do i breathe

TRACK: I Guess It's Gonna Rain Today
ARTIST: Sondre Lerche
ALBUM: Heartbeat Radio


"I Guess It’s Gonna Rain Today" | Sondre Lerche

i kveld med ylvis pixels (click to enlarge)


TRACK: Becky
ARTIST: Be Your Own Pet
ALBUM: Get Awkward


100 days of tunesbecky / be your own pet

this ink brush is my best buddy

New Politics - Dignity


pizza dog volume #4

"pepperonis are just pizza nips then"


by anna and me


im teaching myself to write with my left hand because ninjas are ambidextrous

TRACK: Pornostartrek
ARTIST: USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)
ALBUM: Welding the C:/

Pornostartrek - USS

your music won't load and i'm really hoping it's open condom style

yea totally youre the winner man