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take it easy.

... maybe finished drawings some photos, and other bits.



I feel like you tagged me in this a million years ago and i never did it so… better late than never

tagged by : butt


-Answer the questions of the person who tagged you and write 10 new ones

-Tag 10 people and link them (I’ll have the 10 at the bottom)

-Let them…

1. Favourite picturebook?

the one about the pigeon driving a bus. follow ur dreams mr pigeon.

2. Whose abs hold the mot meaning for you in your daily life?

its not the abs on the outside that count, it’s the abs in ur heart

3. Last time you bought someone a coffee? probably the last time I bought wallace canned coffee a few weeks ago

4. Most delicious fruit-based desert?

pie? is that fruit

5. Coolest thing you ever made?

um one time I made a tower of nachos

6. Boyband from childhood you still listen to?

does greenday count

7. Quiet place(s)? Place(s) you like to be alone?

the park. the outside. the my room. the earth

8. Precious keepsake of yours?

i used to collect guitar pics lol

9. Little thing(s) your loved one(s) do(es) that you appreciate?

i like it when people sing to me and pet my head and share food.

10. Funniest Knock Knock joke you know?

Knock knock

Who’s there

Existential crisis

someone asked me to draw a video game protag but lets be real this is pretty much just miishkaa.

TRACK: Absentee
ARTIST: Jack Campbell


Welcome to Night Vale 37: Auction

Jack Campbell - Absentee

Get it here: http://jackcampbell.bandcamp.com/

really amazing space youth brigade pin and button i got at the ocadu zine fair. made by http://joijoijiojijioijoijoijojojj.tumblr.com/
I dont know where to put her so for now she is chilling on my vest.
I put the kind cadet button on my bag c:

oslo spektrum….more like how do i breathe

TRACK: I Guess It's Gonna Rain Today
ARTIST: Sondre Lerche
ALBUM: Heartbeat Radio


"I Guess It’s Gonna Rain Today" | Sondre Lerche

i kveld med ylvis pixels (click to enlarge)


TRACK: Becky
ARTIST: Be Your Own Pet
ALBUM: Get Awkward


100 days of tunesbecky / be your own pet

this ink brush is my best buddy

New Politics - Dignity


pizza dog volume #4

"pepperonis are just pizza nips then"


by anna and me


im teaching myself to write with my left hand because ninjas are ambidextrous

TRACK: Pornostartrek
ARTIST: USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker)
ALBUM: Welding the C:/

Pornostartrek - USS